A3 Maxi Rack

Double purpose model: it can be used to handle and transport glass panels to yards with bridge crane (through hooks) and lift truck forks (from the front and from the side). You can use it as a trolley if you insert 4 wheels into special devices for extractable wheels.
Loading bases and shoulders are equipped with "C" iron channels, protected with PVC profiles.

Certificated and marked CE norms (Machine Directive 2006/42/CE once 98/37/CEE DPR 459/96), delivered with "Manual for Use and maintenance", Certificate of compliance and Testing Report Tested with 5700 kg. (as documented on our "Testing report for A3 Maxi Rack").

With or without seats for extractable wheels. Painted: Green RAL 6011 or Blue RAL 5017 or Hot galvanized.
On request we weld slotted profiles for the housing of safety bars.

Available in many sizes: length from 2500 to 4000 mm. and height until 2500 mm.
For larger windows we supply 700 mm. side-extensions.

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